Mountain Film Festival

Mountain Film Festival

The Mountain Films Festival (DFF) is the first and the leading film festival about nature, adventure and discovery in Turkey and taking place since 12 years in the cities Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa every year around March.

Supported and organised by DKD, the Society of Mountain Culture, the fast growing festival is a screening festival with a mission to create attention and attraction to the nature especially to the mountain world. The films are selected from over 600 films from prestigious mountain film festivals, all over the World.

The festival thanks to the sponsors and 30 volunteers only in the back office.
Throughout the festival there are interviews with the directors, a national mountain film competition and a mountain film amateur video competition every year.
The Festival is also a platform for the documentary filmmakers to present their films to the media/TV in Turkey


You should send documents below with on-line preview copies of your movies

- Signed application form for movie ( MS Word / Adobe Acrobat )
- Director(s) of the movie / Biography and photoes
- At least 5 still photographs from the movie (Preferable 300 dpi resolution)
- If exists, media file of your movie

 You can contact with the communication staff via foolowing e-mail adress;